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After the Fellowship

Lockheed Report

Wow – it flew by so quickly didn’t it?! Although your official Mentor duties have ended, we hope that you’ll maintain a relationship with both your Teacher Fellow and Ignited!  Here are a couple of things we ask that you do:

  • Review and sign off on the ETP:  You will want to make sure that there is no CONFIDENTIAL or PROPRIETARY information used in the ETP.  This is especially important because ETP’s will be published to Ignited's websites for the world to see and use!
  • Evaluation: A short (5 minutes or so) online evaluation helps us to continue to improve Ignited’s Summer Fellowship program. It gives you an opportunity to reflect on your experience as a Mentor and your Fellow’s performance over the summer.
  • Spark the Future Celebration: Save the date for our annual Spark the Future Celebration! We’ll be sure to get the date and details on your calendar as soon they are finalized.
  • Visiting the Classroom:  If you would like to continue to support your Fellow during the school year, arrange to visit their classroom and help to complete the connection of industry to education.  We would love to know if you plan visit your Fellow’s classroom!