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Completing your Application: Requirements and Tips

Please note, the schedule and nature of Ignited Fellowships are subject to change due to the evolving nature of the COVID-19 outbreak and response in the Bay Area.

Your application is the place to highlight your strengths and provides you with the opportunity to distinguish yourself as an applicant!

Project Mentors view multiple applications for each position in order to select which applicants they will interview. To make the application process efficient and to best support the hiring process, only applications that meet the following standards will be approved for the 2020 Summer Fellowship Program. On this page, you will find all the critical requirements for your application.
Application Requirements

Avoid acronyms and education specific terminology:
Do not use acronyms such as IEP, Title I, FOSS, TOP, AVID, WASC, ELD, “a-g”, etc. with which a person outside the education field might not be familiar. Please spell out all acronyms followed by the acronym in parentheses the first time they are used in your application and briefly explain any education-specific terminology or programs. This helps the Project Mentors understand the value of your application and will help your application come up in targeted searches. For example, if a Host is looking for someone with an interest or background in “IT”, “Information Technology” will likely be the search term since “it” is a commonly used word and is contained in many others.
Spelling and grammar check:
You may want to consider drafting your responses in a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, to take advantage of spelling and grammar check features. Then copy and paste your responses into the online application – using the “Paste from Word” tool is recommended (3rd icon from the right). Applications are not reviewed by Ignited for typos or spelling/ grammatical errors.
Check your resume format:
The physical appearance of a resume definitely makes an impact. To see how your application is formatted into your Ignited resume, which will be viewed by Ignited Hosts, select “Save Draft” at the bottom of the page you are working on; then select the “Resume” tab on the top right.

Ensure the following formatting:
  • Consistent font style and size
  • Dashes in phone numbers on reference page
  • Consistent bullet point format in all descriptions
  • Proofread for consistent punctuation and capitalization
  • List previous employment in order of most to least recent
Answer all of the questions thoroughly and with your goals in mind:
When filling out your application, remember that every question on the application serves the purpose of expressing your unique skills and experience to a potential Project Mentor.
  • Include all degrees (include your BA even if you have an MA or PhD)                                 
Employment history:
  • Do not include job experience that is irrelevant (i.e. restaurant experience)
  • Use 3-5 concise bullet points in each job description
  • Consider how your job descriptions "sell" your application to prospective Project Mentors
Focus Questions:
  • Keep answers to 3-6 sentences per question and summarize in a way that helps you stand out from the crowd
  • Focus questions 1-3 are mandatory
  • Select your skill level for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • Select skill level for Curriculum Development/Instructional Design and Educational Research
  • Select only one skill level per skill (one cannot be both intermediate and proficient)
  • 80% of Fellowships take place in "Palo Alto/Mountain View" and "Sunnyvale/Santa Clara"
  • 10% of Fellowships take place in San Mateo County
  • You can only apply for Fellowships in the locations you select
  • We will assume your locations are accurate and updated, so please update as necessary to avoid being sent for roles outside of your commute preferences
Update your application as necessary:
You can edit your application at any time unless your application is under review by Ignited staff. Once you have made changes, be sure to hit the “Save Draft” button at the bottom of the page to save your updates. Once your application is approved and the Fellowship Matching process has begun, whatever you have saved in your application at the time your resume is sent to a Project Mentor is what they will see.

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