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Sample Projects

Bench Lab

Biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry

Cordis Corporation Prepare tissue specimens, assist with designing experiments, and utilize mechanical testing equipment to collect data.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Culturing the designated cell lines, performing immunofluoroscent assays to determine expression of mammary epithelial cell lineage markers, performing assays of tumor suppressor p53 function and, performing assays to determine the phenotype of HMEC lines when grown in 3 dimensional culture conditions.

Life Technologies Grow microorganisms in culture, isolate nucleic acids, conduct real-time PCR amplification assays to amplify and detect RNA and DNA from pathogens. Work with different food matrices and help develop matrix specific protocols that can be used by the food industry.

Stanford University Testing BMT patient blood for antibodies against allogeneic HY antigens using protein microarray technology.

UC Berkeley Work alongside lab scientists to teach basic techniques in microbiology, biochemistry and molecular biology, as they pertain to the project. Work with laboratory scientists to help structure lectures and experiments to correlate to the background and abilities of high school students.


Business Development
  • Performing analysis of marketing and sales data
  • Providing insight into what product features benefit a target market
  • Developing customer or employee surveys, executing, analyzing and reporting data
  • Translating business processes into web based management reports

Applied Materials Develop a methodology and process to assess capability and success of existing sales channels and recommendation for new channels. Analyze of current sales channels to determine current performance, interview sales personnel to determine selection criteria and success stories, assist development of guidelines and processes to track and report on channels.

Cisco Systems Participate in the development and deployment of Change Management, Communication and Governance mechanisms to support internal business transformation program and projects.

Genentech Support the collection, analysis, and presentation of data to enable best practice and budgeting models to be developed. This includes qualitative data sets such as collections of best practices, preparation of roles and responsibilities lists, training plan outlines, inventories of current activities, as well as quantitative analysis of budget and spend data to generate resourcing models.

Hewlett-Packard Company Help align customers in the certain market segments based on purchasing behaviors/preferences.  Lead and finalize US and Canada Small and Medium Business customer intelligence mapping.

SAP Support the Vice President, Business Operations. Work w/Line of Business owners to ensure they are working w/quarterly financial guidelines; analyze requests that deviate from published guidelines. Help a rollout of a new strategic program.



Agilent Technologies Prepare and run samples to characterize the linearity, dynamic range, sensitivity, and lower limits of detection of the experimental system.

Applied Materials Prepare slurry, cathode coating, battery making and testing for the lithium ion battery fabrication process.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Work with researchers to evaluate ionic liquid pretreatments to assess their effectiveness in treating selected feedstocks. Their overall goal is to provide a fundamental understanding of how lignocellulosic material degrades in these environments and then optimize the pretreatment techniques.

Life Technologies Carry out experiments to validate quality of synthetic oligonucleotides.  Write reports on work done in the lab. Develop and optimize synthesis method for new oligonucleotide conjugates.  Design and evaluate sensitive analytical methods for quality control of synthetic oligonucleotides.

Mattson Technology Research electronic materials potentially critical to the next generation devices. Identify problems and propose solutions that would enable next generation devices.


Community Relations
  • Supporting employee volunteer programs
  • Creating database to track corporate philanthropy programs
  • Writing and managing editor of content about corporate philanthropy
  • Donate a Fellowship to a non-profit so they can benefit from a Teacher Fellow

Adobe Systems Conduct a survey of community leaders and Adobe employees to understand the priority needs of San Jose and Seattle. Conduct research on best practices in Adobe’s focus areas and help create a database to track all of Adobe’s community relations and philanthropy programs.

Aerospace Corporation Support corporate team of technical and support staff interested in STEM education/volunteerism, assist in research to help determine strategic partnership schools, and help develop communications strategies and tactics for the program.

Intel Corporation Coordinate and facilitate a variety of virtual and live focus groups; compile research findings; create strategic recommendations based on research findings; create content in support of our "back to school" program efforts.

NetApp Benchmark with similar corporations on corporate philanthropy programs and budget; prepare presentation for senior management highlighting the results and analysis of recommended action items.  Conduct a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis of the benefit of the company's global Volunteer Time Off program over five years.

Second Harvest Food Bank Work in collaboration with community partners on the planning of a Hunger Issues Forums scheduled for September during Hunger Awareness month. Assist with the implementation of an agency survey of a select group of community-based organizations.


Education Outreach/Support
  • Testing and market research of products/services for educators
  • Developing K-12 curriculum around company products/services
  • Creating training materials for latest education technology
  • Providing event support for educators trainings

Autodesk Conduct market and user research to identify global education trends in STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math). Provide recommendations on how the Autodesk Secondary Education strategy can align with these trends.

CK-12 Foundation Create a real world example for each of CK-12's concepts that will help a student relate the concept's lesson with real-life situations and examples. The main task is to create an introduction to each concept that will act to pique the curiosity and interest of concept readers.

El Camino Hospital/South Asian Heart Center Research online tools to increase awareness and education of heart disease and diabetes in a high-risk population. Develop engaging and appropriate curriculum on selected online platforms.

Google Develop K-12 lesson plans that will be used with the Geo products to teach science, math, history and possibly other subjects.

Hewlett-Packard Company Develop educator tool kit to facilitate easy and effective use of graphing calculators in high school math. Define teacher needs and requirements for educator tool kit. Evaluate and develop pedagogic materials mapping to the graphing calculator.

Intel Corporation Develop a training curricula for the newest classmate PC. Develop a deployment manual which will require gathering info from our Technical Marketing Engineers.


Synopsys Wires

  • Building a searchable database of processes and specs

Cordis Corporation Assist the engineering teams in developing a deeper understanding of device performance, failure modes, and in optimization for reliability and performance targets in clinically-relevant in-vitro test methods, as well as modification to and optimization of test methods.  

California Water Service Company Determine the statistically significant number of meters utilizing automated meter reading(AMR) technology necessary to be installed in each Cal Water distribution system in order to estimate with a high degree of confidence how customers usage varies over a 24 hour period.

SanDisk Corporation Look at designs, collect data, analyze the data related to devices in integrated circuits for the ASIC engineering group.

Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company Perform studies and analysis of design data to develop trends and root causes. Assist in developing and completing Engineering training classes.

Violin Memory Work with Solid Works to set up of a spreadsheet with all the individual parts and how they have met the ROHS and WEEE directives.  Document if the overall project has met standards in other countries that they do business with.


  • Taking an inventory of chemicals and creating chemical hazard summary sheets
  • Documenting safety gaps and process for fixing them
  • Updating EH&S learning management system

Applied Materials Collect data through internal discussions and published reports to develop a benchmark of energy utilization of the current generation tool.

California Water Service Company Work closely with a Project Manager in the areas of company-wide environmental compliance. In particular will work on the Environmental Management System elements that company will implement at the end of the year.

IBM Establish a "Green Computing" learning center with documentation, tools, and demos that incorporate facilities engineering for computer rooms as well as individual computing alternatives. Develop various demos and documentation used to teach new environment.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Investigate thermal and radiative properties of cool and standard surfaces, collect and analyze data for a range of environmental conditions, and prepare content for and draft program curriculum.

MiaSolé Assist in building new Environment Safety & Health website using SharePoint. Assist EH&S Manager with additional administration assignments as needed. 


Human Resources
  • Updating HR materials, learning portals
  • Designing effective onboarding program
  • Researching current global recruiting trends
  • Coordinating student internship program

Applied Materials Research current global recruiting trends, compare industry practices and make recommendations to team for recruitment process updates. Assist with development of social media platform.

eSilicon Corporation Review, research and help put together a learning portal and community for the international company to use.

JDS Uniphase Participate in the development of a Communication Strategy and Plan for several key programs. Create comprehensive "Events Calendar" for general communications purposes.

KLA-Tencor Corporation  Audit and identify needs by all international regions. Includes developing a tracking matrix of global needs by regions to identify gaps and specific requirements, developing an action and process plan to execute priority needs throughout the fiscal year.

NetApp Write/edit portions of the submission for the “Great Place to Work” competition. Assist with overall coordination of cross-functional teams and subject matter experts to submit content and support documentation within tight deadlines.


Information Technology
  • Updating/creating IT documentation for employee support
  • Working at help desks
  • Coding and testing automation programs

BD Biosciences Participate in a wide array of IT programs and projects in support of corporate or business segment goals. Support the global implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning solution. Support the upgrade of the product lifecycle management (PLM) research reagent system.

Intel Corporation Research and develop a good understanding of the requirements and usage models to utilize Intel based mobile platforms. Explore handhelds and tablets/slates for MULTITOUCH based teaching aids and tools.

Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company Set up a query response database allowing rapid retrieval of known software defects relating to the keywords and contribute to a workaround, etc. development for the test.

Silicon Valley Bank  Lead a team of business and IT professionals through the execution of a formal Change Request.  Follow the structured Project Management methodology to meet both Audit requirements and Company standards.  Deliver a Change Request which meets business objectives on time, on budget and with quality.

Synopsys, Inc. Work with IT Architect to understand, enhance our system monitoring infrastructure. Help setup a profiling system. Project-manage the implementation of a new user authorization work-flow.


  • Assisting in the creation of campaigns, on-line promotions, events
  • Preparing marketing materials, creating campaigns, on-line promotions
  • Researching and analyzing competitor marketing and sales materials
  • Preparing and editing presentations
  • Providing support to social media efforts
  • Conducting market research into key trends and mapping them to current product offerings

Applied Materials Capture and analyze total company-wide marketing spend in first half of the year.  Pull data on marketing spend from various sources, analyze marketing spend by industry segments (chips, solar, display etc.) and by activity (tradeshows, advertising, sponsorships, etc.).

Coherent, Inc. Use html to create email blasts, web pages and other promotional campaigns, tracking results of each campaign and reporting these results back to the project team.

Fairchild Semiconductor Compile and analyze website metrics in order to determine website usage patterns. This information will be used in determining content development needs.

Integrated Device Technology Perform research on search engine optimization and develop a plan for Google keyword selection based on the findings. Will also provide assistance with implementation of SEO techniques on keywords and analysis of search engine ranking results.

NVIDIA Interview scientists and researchers who are using NVIDIA’s software about their work, write short summaries and publish the stories on website. Help the marketing team populate NVIDIA's internal SharePoint dashboard with relevant documents and information.


Stanford Rubens Tube


Intel Corporation Interact with Intel development partners to assess viability of various materials for use in laptop computers in the application of cooling electronic and system components. Project will involve both scientific literature as well as material evaluations in the lab to assess expected performance in a laptop environment.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Research beam physics relevant to heavy-ion driven inertial fusion energy. Explore the limits of axial beam bunching and transverse focusing in the presence of neutralizing background plasma.

Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company Assist spacecraft operations team analyze vehicle telemetry and tracking data to look at state of health, look for anomalous trends, and watch the results of corrective actions.

Stanford University Contribute to the R&D required to build the next generation of detectors to measure neutrino masses.

UC Berkeley Work on the optical and hardness characterization of potential new materials for reactor application. Investigate, with an industry collaborator, different metals which could be used as a structural material in a reactor environment or elsewhere.


Quality Assurance
  • Testing products as an average user and/or an educator whose colleagues or students use the product/service
  • Testing device performance, failure modes for reliability and performance targets
  • Researching historic logs and creating a catalog of failures to study patterns

California Water Service Company Work with the lab Quality Assurance and Safety teams to create or/complete regulatory compliance documents. Document review, revision and update.

Intel Corporation Review and update PLC materials. Review of quota of top team site collections, identify those that need new sites given maximum quota parameters, work with customers to plan the method/process for moving to SP 2010.

Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company Help improve the product technical integrity for production efforts by developing an engineering quality tracking database tool that captures engineering metrics, associated trending patterns, and provides the foundation for engineering strategic response plans.

Microsoft Corporation Learn new features of PowerPoint, understand and apply our test methodology, and provide feedback as the first user of the software.

Symantec Execute test scripts against pre-released software. This includes inputting issues into a defect tracking system; verifying defect upon resolution; ensuring software meets specified functionality and parameters; testing on International Operating Systems such as French, German, and Japanese; troubleshooting software issues to analyze root cause.


Software Development
  • Updating software applications
  • Testing software for usability and failures
  • Building a mobile app
  • Designing, developing, testing and supporting the look and feel of a software application

IBM Work with software developers to gather, write, improve, test and deliver information for database software products. In particular, use database middleware software and create step-by-step information useful as extended examples, tutorials, and scenario information as well as potentially participate in/observe usability tests of this information.  

Intel Corporation Develop new software modules as part of an existing software framework used to manage the flow of material through the factory. Tasks include: 50% software development, 25% on the job training and reviews, 25% software testing and qualification.

Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company Contribute to the team’s software development activities through observation, interaction and participation in activities. The final product is a set of updated Wiki pages that will further enable these activities to be repeatable during the software maintenance phase.

Synopsys, Inc. Work alongside a senior IT Architect to plan, document test and rehearse a major software upgrade of our Identity Management infrastructure.


Technical Writing
  • Writing documents in user friendly terms for employees and/or customers
  • Editing manuals and other materials

Mosys, Inc.  Produce 3-5 problem/solution editorial articles to be submitted to industry trade publications in addition to 1-3 technical case studies. Interview key resources internal to MoSys on predetermined technical topics and perhaps within customer or partner organizations, and produce publishable article/papers.

IBM Develop and support IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) products.  Describe technical concepts in plain English.

Cisco Systems Teach the IRE Team how to write technical documentation. Create guidelines and train the team how to write.

Synopsys, Inc. Work with the IT technical team to review, update, document and publish support and training documentation to Systems to SharePoint website. Additional responsibility for tracking, communicating, reporting, and publishing status on high level projects.


  • Researching processes and breaking them down into training procedures
  • Creating multimedia or video trainings
  • Improving existing training resources using instructional design principles

Cisco Systems Take the available training content, leverage the subject matter experts and create a plan for an ongoing training program - frequency, audience, format, modules, etc. Create video training modules for those areas that are repeatable and lend themselves to self training.

Citrix Systems Create content to train developers.  This content will be built with wiki pages, videos and PowerPoint Presentations.

Ericsson Evaluate and give a fresh perspective on current tools and processes for developing e-learning modules and Competence Delivery Methods (Learning, Testing and Certification). Document recommendations for improvements.

FUJIFILM Dimatix Learn manufacturing and testing processes through observation and hands-on experience. Make recommendations for improvements to existing training programs and systems.   

Silicon Valley Bank Assist in the development of product training for our sales and service teams.  Coordinate eLearning, in-person and distance based learning for active training assignments.  Analyze and report on the effectiveness of product training.  Assist in the development of a user conference for SVB clients.


Website Design/Development
  • Updating/developing internal or external websites
  • Migrating old website to new format
  • Expanding web-based trainings

Cisco Systems Redesign and revamp some of the internal webpages and portals and build dashboards used to run our business. The Fellow will create Oracle BI and SharePoint dashboard for running the business.

EMC Corporation Participate in recording and editing of training audio and video for the new website. Assemble audio/video elements. Brainstorm, design review and development including the best way to protect the content from illicit downloads.

Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Help the Center for Nursing Excellence create, develop and launch a new website.

Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) Assist web team in updating internal site web pages. Update existing pages with current content.  Remove dead links and outdated content. Reformat existing content to a new page template. Create new content from technical notes.

Synopsys, Inc. Migrate old website to a new website with all the contents. Assist CAS project team on project documentation. Participate in software testing when needed.