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Semiconductor Resources for Educators

With new national education and workforce investments arriving this year, semiconductor industry leaders from across the U.S. are developing classroom materials and experiential learning opportunities for students. The Bay Area has a phase 1 project, funded by the California Apprenticeship Initiative and led by Foothill College, SEMI Foundation, Ignited, and the Krause Center for Innovation (KCI) to design K-12 classroom materials and an apprenticeship pathway into the industry.

The resources below present opportunities for K-12 teachers to seamlessly integrate these topics into their classrooms, preparing students for future possible careers in this exciting growing industry.

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 Careers in Semiconductors

Explore the semiconductor careers that make a difference in an industry that is propelling the world forward.

People - video profiles of industry professionals
Careers - all types of jobs for all types of people
Companies powering the industry
    Chip In: Roadtrip Nation Documentary

Viewer's Guide Lesson

Semiconductor chips may be tiny, but they have a giant impact on how we communicate, travel, entertain ourselves, and live our daily lives. Follow three young people as they explore the exciting world of microelectronics.

High school graduates:
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