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Deciding whether to Apply to the Summer Fellowship Program:

1. What are the eligibility requirements for the Summer Fellowship Program? 


2. What types of Fellowship Projects are available for my subject?

The majority of projects are STEM-based (Science, Technology, Egineering, and Math). We do have a handful of projects, such as Technical Writing and Marketing projects, that are great for Language Arts and Social Studies teachers. As an approved applicant, you would be able to see projects as they are posted and would be able to Express Interest in the ones that match your subject, learning goals, and skill set. 

3. Where will the Fellowship Projects take place?

80% of Fellowship Projects are in Santa Clara County. The majority of the rest of the projects take place in San Mateo County.

4. What kind of time commitment should Fellows expect to make?

Fellows work full-time, on-site, during standard business hours for 7 or 8 weeks

5. How do I know if I'm qualified for the types of projects that will be available? 

Teachers use a strong set of skills to lead their classrooms! The wide variety of projects we have require a wide array of skills. Different Mentors look for different skills, depending on the projects they manage. Here are the top skills Mentors look for: Communication skills, Excel, PowerPoint, coding, curriculum development/ instructional design, educational research, technology, and analytical skills.


Completing the Application:

1. When is the application deadline?

Applications are accepted until all positions are filled, however, the Matching Process begins in March, so it is highly recommmended that you apply before March. Since the matching process is competative, teachers who apply early have access to more opportunities and are more likely to be hired for a Summer Fellowship.

2. Why is there an Ignited application? (As opposed to just sending teacher resumes to Mentors)

Ignited has a formal application because our Matching process involves over 200 applicants and we need to ensure both consistency in format as well as searchability for efficiency.

3. How do I make my application compeling and increase my chances for a Summer Fellowship?

Since applications double as resumes for the Matching Process, applicants are required to ensure their application meets the standards on the application requirements page before they may be accepted into the Matching Process. The application requirements page clearly outlines what formats and content will help your applicaiton stand out to potential Mentors. 


Expressing Interest in Fellowship projects:

1. Will my application/resume be automatically sent to different projects and companies? 

It is critical that you Express Interest for projects for which you would like to be considered. Ignited staff sends the top-matching applications (based on skills and many additional factors) to Mentors, who may request multiple batches of applications at varying times throughout the process. Keep in mind, your application may be sent to Mentors of projects in which you have not expressed interest, if Ignited staff believes you are a good fit for the project. If there are project types for which you do not want to be sent, this can be indicated on page 9 or your application.

2. How many interest statements am I expected to submit?

Applicants who submit 5-7 interest statements are the most likely to land interviews. The key factor for interest statements is submitting the statements as soon as possible after a project is posted, preferably within a week following the recipe on the Express Interest page.

3. How do I impress potential Hosts/ Mentors during the application process so that I get an interview?

Your application, which acts as your resume, is the key factor in being invited to interview. Make sure your application includes all your skills and unique strenghts, especially any Excel, PowerPoint, coding, curriculum development/ instructional design, educational research, communication, technology, and analytical skills.

4. How do I impress a potential Mentor during an interview?


5. What are the guidelines for interacting with Hosts and Mentors throughout the matching season?



Interviewing for Fellowship opportunities:

1. When should I expect to be invited to interviews?

Interview begin in April and take place until all positions are filled in early June. Mentors may do several rounds of interviews, though generally they conduct interviews with applicants who expressed interest quickly after the project was posted. It is critical to reply to an interview invitation quickly.

2. I work full-time as a teacher, how do I communicate my limited interview availability?

Invitations will ask you to confirm your interest and share your interview availability. Hosts and Mentors know that you are a full-time educator and will be happy to conduct interviews after school hours.

3. How soon after an interview will I hear back?

Most interviewees hear back within about a week. However, sometimes Mentors engage in multiple rounds of interviews, which may slow down the process a little. When you hear back regarding a final interview, you will have a limited amount of time to confirm interest before we send you the official offer. You will have to reply to a total of 3 emails and submit your completed hire paperwork before we will mark the position filled. Note: some companies may require a background check or drug test before approving hire paperwork.

4. What if I recieve an offer and it is not from my top choice? 

The matching process for our Summer Fellowship program is a competitive process. If you recieve an offer, you have a limited amount of time to confirm or deny interest before the offer is sent to another candidate. If you completed final round of interviews for another project, we can inquire to see if they have made their decision and let you know. If their decision has not been made, it is your choice whether you wish to accept your offer or deny the offer, keeping in mind that you might not recieve any other offers.