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Ignited Terms: 

SFP: An abbreviation for Summer Fellowship Program.

Applicant: An educator who has submitted an SFP application and has not yet been approved.

Approved Applicant: An applicant whose application has been approved, but has not yet been hired as a Fellow.

Fellow: An educator who was approved in the application process and has been selected and completed all of the hiring paperwork for a specific Fellowship.


Fellowship Terms:

Host: A company or university that is hosting Ignited Fellows.

Project Mentor: An employee that works at the company or university and supervises Fellows during the project.


Curriculum Terms:

ETP: Education Transfer Plans are curriculum plans that all Fellows must create during the Fellowship and implement during the following school year. 

Coach: Ignited provides Fellows with Coaches who have completed the Summer Fellowship Program several times. These Coaches provide support throughout the corporate and university fellowship experiences and play a critical role in helping Fellows develop effective ETPs.

Impact Report: A report summarizing the experience and impact of the implemented ETP.