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Summer Fellowship Payment and Stipends

Ignited Teacher Fellows get paid for their professional development!

We love teachers and we want our Summer Fellowship Program to be an easy choice for how to spend your time this summer. Payment is recieved for both the project-based work and the curriculum development that Teacher Fellows commit to in the Summer Fellowship Program.

In total, Teacher Fellows who meet all of the requirements of the Summer Fellowship Program, will recieve $9,800. Program requirements are split into two categories: Project-based work and curriculum development. To recieve the full $9,800 dollars, teachers must meet specific requirements for each of the two categories.

During the summer, Teacher Fellows spend up to 280 hours on a professional project at a local company or university. Teacher Fellows complete project based work and are paid $25 per hour. Teacher Fellows that complete 280 hours of work at $25 per hour will earn a total of $7,000

Additional funds are provided for delivering the experience-based curriculum (refered to internally at an Education Transfer Plan or ETP) that all Teacher Fellows must complete in the Summer Fellowship Program. The Fellowship Award of $2,800 is divided into two payments: $2,000 for successfully completing the ETP and $800 for completing the Impact Report. Fellows are eligible for these payments based on meeting the following requirements.


Payment Timeline


ETP Award - $2,000
      By end of Oct

  • Final ETP:
    • Delievered on-time and meeting requirements 
    • Shared with Coach on Google Drive
    • Has Mentor's signature
  • Complete Ignited Summer Fellowship Program survey (emailed by Ignited staff)
  • STRONGLY suggested: attend all SFP meetings:
    • Orientation
    • 3 one-on-ones with Coach
    • 3 CG meetings (including ETP Exchange)
    • Spark the Future Celebration

Impact Award - $800
By end of Feb
By end of May

  • Complete Impact Report (emailed by Ignited staff) once you have implemented your ETP