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Connecting classrooms to careers

Common Terms/Roles

Host - The organization providing the Fellowship for teachers.  Host organizations can include corporations, research labs, and universities.

Fellow - A teacher holding an Ignited Fellowship.

Mentor - The person who supervises/manages the Fellow at the Host organization.  There can be multiple Mentors working with the Fellow, both high level and a more of a day to day interaction.

Coordinator - The person at the Host organization who helps identify Mentors, handles the internal administrative details related to bringing the Fellows on board, and facilitates the processing of the Sponsor Agreement, PO and Invoice.  In many organizations a Mentor also serves as the Coordinator.

Project - The 8-week assignment the Fellow will work on at the Host organization. It is typically scoped or created by the Mentor.

Fellowship Account Manager (FAM) - The Ignited Staff members who support Mentors and Coordinators throughout the Teacher Selection process and during the Fellowship. Each Host organization will be assigned one of the following FAMs who will serve as their primary point of contact.

Education Transfer Plan (ETP) - The specific plan for transferring the Ignited experience back to the Fellows classroom or school. It could be a lesson or unit in a specific content area or one that integrates different disciplines, a classroom project, staff development, or a unit on career exploration.

Ignited Coach  - A veteran teacher working as an extension of Ignited Staff over the summer. An Ignited Coach has held several Ignited Fellowships and has extensive content knowledge and curriculum development experience.  Ignited Coaches support approximately 25 Fellows during the summer providing guidance and feedback on the ETP as well as general support on how to hold a successful Summer Fellowship position while in a new and different environment.