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Funded by a grant from Office of Naval Research, Ignited, the Krause Center for Innovation and Science from Scientists are collaborating to support teachers to bring cybersecurity awareness to middle and high school students. 

Extend your cyber-learning with these resources

Use the
open source curriculum!

Written by teachers for middle and high school students. 

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Other opportunities:

Work at a company during summer break

Bring professionals into your classroom

Learn about past KCI Cyber Workshops

Apply to be a Cyber Leader

Join us in our mission to bring cybersecurity to more middle and high school students by sharing resources you like with other teachers. We are especially interested in promoting awareness of careers in cybersecurity, as well as general cybersecurity literacy.
Apply today!
Questions? Contact Emily Dilger, 
Who should apply?:
  • Middle and High school educators who have incorporated cybersecurity into their classrooms, and are interested in a leadership development opportunity to encourage other teachers to do so as well. 
    If you are not a Middle or High School educator, but are interested, please apply

What you’ll be provided: 
  • Funding and support to develop a presentation and speak to teachers about bringing cybersecurity to middle and high school students, either at the local level or at a national conference. 
  • Funding details:
    • Local: $250 stipend to share cybersecurity resources with your school (e.g. a staff meeting) or district, or at another small local educator meeting.
    • National: $250 stipend and up to $1,500 reimbursement (for travel, registration, etc.) to share cybersecurity resources at a regional or national conference (e.g., NSTA, Spring CUE, CSTA - or another conference of your choice).
  • Support details:
    • Office hours with Ignited and 1:1 support while you develop your presentation and content.


  • Apply today, we will accept on a rolling basis.
  • We are aware of upcoming deadlines for national meetings, email us with questions and opportunities!

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