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Middle School

How can we create a safer and more secure future online?

Cyberattacks have been happening for decades. What are we, as a society, doing to keep our data safe when using our internet connected devices? Our data is floating around the internet constantly and there are opportunities for hackers to steal that information and cause personal and financial damages.  There are ways to mitigate the risk to the data and there are people who work to keep data secure.

We all use the internet and send our data through it daily. Every person in the classroom and community are using the internet and allowing their personal data to be collected. Yet, few people read the “fine print” as to what data is collected and how it might be used. We need education on how to keep ourselves and our society safe from invasive practices.

In this six lesson unit, spanning 30 days, students will explore: the history of cyberattacks, the hardware and software that makes a computer, the components involved in computer communication and their role in cybersecurity, along with cybersecurity careers. 

This unit will culminate in a final project, where students will design an app for a target audience that will help others stay protected online. The students will give and receive feedback to help in the design process. They will also participate in an exhibition presenting their app design as a “sales pitch” to an external audience.


This unit contains 6 lessons and spans 30 days.
We recommend starting with the *Unit Overview* to explore the unit lesson by lesson.
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