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Fellowship Compensation

Fellows are compensated for completing the Summer Fellowship Program in two ways:

  1. Companies and Universities pay Fellows for time spent completing "project work". Companies pay $25/hr for up to 280 hours for time spent working on the company or research project. Universities vary in their method of payment (the amount is similar).
    Most teachers complete an 8-week Fellowship of 280 hours and receive $7,000 for their project work. Teachers who complete a 7-week Fellowship are allotted 240 hours, and paid accordingly.
  2. Time spent on the ETP or with Coaches is not considered project work and is paid seperately. Ignited pays Fellows for developing their ETP (the Education Transfer Plan) and reporting back the impact the curriculum had on their students (via the Impact Report). Grant payments are provided for completing the ETP ($2,000) and the Impact Report ($800). ETP time includes time spent at the teacher orientation, collaborating with other Fellows in community meetings, and working with Ignited Coaches.

SFP Alumni become eligible to apply for the competitive Fund for Innovation Grant!