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Project Matching Process


Ignited will ask Mentors to fill out a Project Description Form so we can post it on our website in order to find great candidates for you to interview.  It could be pretty basic; we know the project might evolve between now and June when the teacher starts.  Knowing what skills and background you think the teacher should possess to be successful in your group will really help us find a great match for your project.   

Starting in March we will put your Project Description on our website and give the teachers some time to review the project and express interest in it, if they feel it fits their skills/background.  The Ignited Staff will also look through the hundreds of applications to find ideal candidates for your project.  We will send you a handful of resumes at a time.  Each batch will include teachers who posted interest and/or ones we found in our database that possess the skills/background you desire. Once you have selected interview candidates we will help you arrange interview days and times with those teachers.  We recommend reviewing resumes and identifying candidates to interview as soon as possible.  This will help ensure that you have the opportunity to speak to your top choices before they are snapped up by someone else.