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Elementary School Semiconductor Lessons



Use these lesson plans to engage your elementary school students in learning about semiconductors.



Gone With the Wind - Building a Sailcar (grade 2-5 multiple subject) - 90 minutes
Students will learn about wind as a type of renewable energy--and how its kinetic energy can be transferred to another object--by building a wind-powered car.

Sustainability & Renewable Energy (grade 2-5 multiple subject) - 90 minutes
Students will learn about climate change, and will consider how semiconductors play a role in developing energy resources that are renewable.

Semiconductor Innovations (grade 5, multiple subjects) - 70+ minutes
Students will go through the Engineer Design process to invent a piece of wearable technology. They will interview consumers, ideate solutions, analyze data, and build a prototype to present to the class.

Ignite Your Creativity! (grade 5, multiple subjects)
Working in pairs, students will develop an invention or product using semiconductors that has the potential to solve a problem.