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Application Process

The Ignited Summer Fellowship application process consists of three main phases:

You will complete an application to the following standards.

You will express interest in the fellowship projects that interest you.

Host organizations will select teachers to interview for projects and fill fellowship positions.

Please refer to our Glossary as needed. 


Critical information about the application process and the three main phases:

  1. Complete application (December-March) *Applications are accepted until all positions are filled.
  • Create a login/account and complete the eligibility questions first,  and then Segment 1 of the application (the Ignited's SFP application is now in two segments).
  • If, after review, Ignited requests that you complete Segment 2, do so promptly and highlight projects, skills, enthusiasm, and experiences that set you apart!
  • Remember: Your application is the official resume for the rest of the application process and the most significant determinant of whether a Host Organization will select you. 
  • Applicants may be emailed with feedback regarding required edits and suggested edits, so keep an eye on your email and submit any edits in a timely manner.
  • Note: Administrators must respond to a principal/administrator email verifying contract status before application approval. The email is automatically sent to your administrator upon submission of your application. 
  1. Express Interest in Fellowship projects (March-May) *Fellowship placement is not guaranteed.
  • In March, Fellowship projects are posted online for approved applicants to express interest
  • Review projects and carefully consider the subject, grade level, and skill requirements. 
  • Submit well-written interest statements in projects as they keep being posted until May.
  • Interest statements and resumes (created directly from your application) are sent to Project Mentors in batches (based on Ignited's discretion, whether you express interest or not).
  • Note: Applicants who express interest on a regular basis secure Fellowships at higher rates.
  • Click here for tips on submitting stellar interest statements.
  1. Interview for Fellowship opportunities (April-June) *Fellows may not contact Hosts first.
  • Project Mentors from Ignited Host organizations review the Ignited resumes and select which applicants to interview.
  • Note: Applicants must follow certain guidelines for interactions with Hosts and Project Mentors.
  • If you are emailed by Ignited's automated system for an interview opportunity, respond ASAP with your interest, interview availability, and summer availability for the fellowship. Timing plays a critical role in the matching process.
  • In the rare case you are contacted directly by a Project Mentor, CC on your reply, so we will be aware that you are being considered for a position and so we can fulfill the necessary steps on our end.
  • Interviews may be conducted in-person, by telephone or via Skype (this depends on the Project Mentor’s personal preference).
  • Click here for interview tips