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Secrets to Success: Page 3

Current Employment:
This section asks for information related to your current teaching position.  You will have an opportunity to include information about any previous positions you’ve held in the Employment History section

Information requested includes:

  • School – Start typing the name of your school. After a few seconds, the field will generate a list of schools in our database containing what you have typed. School names will appear in “School – District” format. You can then click to select the school at which you currently teach.
  • If your school does not appear, please type "Other" and select "Other-Other". Then, please email with the full name of your school and district, school’s address (including county) and school's website (if applicable), so that we can add it to the database.
  • Job Title - To distinguish yourself from other teacher applicants, we suggest using a descriptive title such as the level and subject you teach (e.g. High School Math and Computer Science Teacher).

  • Job Description  -  Hosts are particularly interested in the following information that you are encouraged to include/emphasize to distinguish you from other teacher applicants:

  • Grade level/ specific subjects/concepts you teach/ have taught (Hosts are often looking for specific content knowledge in an area of science, math or technology)
  • Technology skills/experience (roles you've held such as webmaster/technology coordinator and the software/technologies you have used in these roles)
  • Lab skills/techniques taught (if applicable)
  • Leadership roles
  • Accomplishments

Detailed tips for writing your Job Description are available here

  • Start Date – Please enter the date you first began teaching at your current school.

  • Principal’s Name and Email Address - An email verifying support for your Fellowship pursuit and your employment for the following school year will be sent to your principal when you submit your Ignited Application. You will also receive a copy of this message. Your principal must reply to this email in order for your Ignited application to be complete.  Therefore, it is critical that email address listed for your principal is current and correct.

  • Percentage of time teaching - Please select the percentage of time you are employed/work in your school/district. 

  • Whether or not you plan to teach summer school this year – Please note that teaching summer school will prevent you from holding an Ignited Fellowship as Fellows must be available during standard business hours for the full eight weeks. 

  • Whether you have a continuing contract to teach next school year within the Ignited Service Area  -
    We require Ignited Fellows to be contracted for the school year following their Fellowship, but understand that your school may not have issued contracts yet.  If you do not have a contract as of today, please select “No” and explain whether or not you expect to receive one for the next school year in the textbox provided.


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