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Secrets to Success: Page 4

Geographical Preferences:
This section gives applicants the opportunity to select which geographical areas they are willing to commute to for an Ignited Fellowship.

Many companies and universities have increased the number of remote or hybrid (with some days on-site and some days work from home) projects. That said, Ignited doesn't know what % of projects will require onsite work and will only know the type of project (onsite, hybrid, or remote) after the Project Mentors submit each individual Project Description. 

  • It is important that you only select locations to which you would be willing to commute for an 8-week Ignited Fellowship.
  • For the Bay Area program, many of the Fellowship opportunities tend to be in Santa Clara County with additional opportunities in San Mateo and Alameda counties.
  • Some Project Mentors may allow for flex time (meaning working different hours) so that the drive may not be during exact commute hours.

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