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Secrets to Success: Page 2

This page captures information about your degrees, professional certificates, relevent course work and any teaching credentials you hold.

  • Degree(s) – Please be sure to enter ALL the degrees you have. 

To enter a degree, first select the broad area in which you received your degree. After a few seconds, a secondary menu will appear where you can select your major. We recommend taking the time to find and select your major as it appears in the database as this will help your application come up in a key word search. 

You can add an additional degree(s), by clicking the “Add another item” button which appears beneath this section.

If you cannot find your major, you can select "<create new major/minor>" from the secondary menu. Type the title of your degree and click “create”.

  • Teaching Credential – Please select all of the teaching credentials you hold and list the appropriate areas. If you hold a Single Subject Credential, please be sure to select the subject in which you hold your credential from the secondary menu.

    You can add an additional credential(s), by clicking the “Add another item” button which appears beneath this section.
  • List up to 10 of the most relevant undergraduate and graduate science and math courses you have completed. For each, provide the course name, year and institution, and indicate whether it was a laboratory course.

If you decide you are interested in pursuing a science research Fellowship, please take the time to think through and include the most relevant courses you’ve taken.

You can update your responses to this question once you see some of the science research positions and find those that you might be interested in to better reflect your studies in a particular scientific area.

Even if you are not interested in a science research Fellowship, you may respond to this question to highlight courses that you have taken that may be attractive to potential Project Mentors. For example, you might include business or computer technology courses you’ve taken.

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