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Secrets to Success: Page 5

The agreement page of the application captures details regarding your commitment should you receive an Ignited Fellowship. 

  • Legal Right to Work - An applicant must have the legal right and the necessary documentation to work in the U.S. in a non-teaching position.
  • Background Check, Drug Screen, COVID Testing and COVID vaccine – Many Host organizations require applicants to successfully pass a pre-employment background check and/or a drug screen in order to be placed in a Fellowship. 
    More recently, some Host Organizations have begun to require COVID Vaccine verification and/or testing. These screens and verifications are conducted by the Host organization or their selected staffing agency after an applicant is selected for a Fellowship and before he or she is officially hired. 
  • While these are not required by all Hosts, selecting “No” means that you will not be considered for a Fellowship at a Host that does require one or both of them. Your responses to these questions are only seen by Ignited Staff.
  • School dates - In the appropriate fields, please indicate the last day of school for your current school year and the date you must report back to school in the fall.  Hosts will not see these dates on your Ignited resume.
  • Dates available for a Fellowship - In the appropriate fields, please indicate the first and last date you are available for an Ignited Fellowship.  Hosts will see these dates on your Ignited resume.
  • Fellowship Conflicts – In the textbox provided, please explain any conflicts you have with holding an 8-week Fellowship during the standard Fellowship period.
  • While there is a possibility that a handful of seven-week Fellowships will be offered this summer, for the vast majority of Fellowships the eight week commitment is not negotiable.  However, specific scheduling adjustments can be made as long as they follow Ignited guidelines and are agreed upon by Ignited, Teacher, and Host prior to the applicant accepting a Fellowship offer. 
  • It is vital for applicants to indicate any days during the Fellowship period that they are not available to work and when they intend to make up those days.  If you have no scheduling limitations, please type “None.”. 
  • **The contents of the Fellowship Conflicts textbox is viewable by potential Project Mentors, so please choose wording carefully.**

Once you have completed this page and proofread your application, you are ready to submit for review!


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